What is the Sónar Innovation Challenge?

The Sónar Innovation Challenge (SIC), co-organized by the MTG, is an online & onsite platform for the creative minds that want to be one step ahead and experiment with the future of technology. It brings together innovative tech companies and creators, collaborating to solve challenges that will lead to disruptive prototypes showcased in Sónar+D.

how does it work?

Tech companies propose challenges for the creative community based on concrete needs for innovation. Creators (creative coders, artists, designers…) who sign up for a challenge will have, after a selection process, the opportunity to work as challengers in a prototype within a unique collaborative environment, together with other challengers and company mentors.

2016 challenges

extended electronic music festival experience


Absolut Labs

Absolut Labs is looking for weird, unexpected ways to influence the nightlife experience. Absolut Labs challenges creators to explore the way we experience electronic music festivals using a fusion of music, art and technology to promote new types of social and musical connections.

interactive playlist based on crowd behaviour



At Deezer, music fuels everything we do. Deezer wants to challenge creators to build a system that monitors crowd behavior in order to generate and control a live music flow. The crowd can be small to very large group of people with various similar or distinct musical taste.

expressive gaming through gesture interaction



RAPID-MIX challenges participants to use gesture recognition technology to create a novel gaming experience, or augment an existing one. The focus is on expressive, continuous control; forget about traditional control paradigms in video games and think about creating your own gestures.

collective smartphone experience



RAPID-MIX and CoSiMa challenge to create a sonic experience for a crowd of people spontaneously engaging together into a collaborative/collective performance, installation or soundwalk using their smartphones with the The CoSiMa client/server framework.

the outcomes


get involved!


The Sónar Innovation Challenge offers companies a great digital culture environment with a broad audience to showcase their cutting-edge technologies. If you are interested in proposing a challenge for next year edition, contact us!

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Stay tuned for the 2017 challenges. If once they are announced you think you’re a good fit for any of them, apply! A team will be created for each challenge and the results will be showcased in Sónar+D. Accepted candidates will get travel grants and Sónar+D Delegate Passes!

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