sónar innovation challenge

The Sónar Innovation Challenge (SIC), co-organized by the Music Technology Group (MTG), is an online & onsite platform for the creative minds that want to be one step ahead and experiment with the future of technology. It brings together innovative tech companies and creators, collaborating to solve challenges that will lead to disruptive prototypes showcased in Sónar+D.

SIC tries to boost the impact of cutting edge technologies challenging creators with a wide range of backgrounds (programmers, designers, artists) to solve the challenges motivated by the market needs for innovation.

Music Technology Group

The Music Technology Group (MTG) of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, part of its Department of Information and Communication Technologies, is specialized in sound and music computing. With about 50 researchers coming from different and complementary disciplines, the MTG carries out research on topics such as audio signal processing, sound and music description, musical interfaces, sound and music communities, and performance modeling. The MTG combines basic engineering strengths in Signal Processing, Machine Learning and Human Computer Interaction with multidisciplinary methodologies coming from other fields.


Sónar is an advanced music and new media art festival that has taken place in Barcelona for the last twenty years. A pioneer in its format and content, it combines entertainment with art, divulging the latest trends in advanced music and its interactions with other musical genres and artistic disciplines.

Sónar+D is the meeting point for professionals from the music and applied audiovisual and new media creation industries. It pledges its commitment on the creative industries and connects the local with the international initiative. A new pro-active concept encourages interaction and the inter-relation more than ever in the unique context of the festival, proposing ideas debate, interchange of experiences, live experimentation, training, exhibitions and demonstrations.