Absolut Labs sponsors a challenge at SIC 2016!

Absolut Labs exists to encourage new ways of thinking that develop products and experiences to help shape the future of nightlife — and inspire people to create richer social connections. Positioned at the intersection of technology, music and art, Absolut Labs marries artists and creators from different disciplines to drive nightlife forward.

For this year’s Sonar Innovation Challenge, Absolut Labs challenges creators to revitalize the way we experience electronic music festivals – from the audience to the stage – using a fusion of music, art and technology to promote new types of social and musical connections.

Through the use of transparent, non-invasive technology, challengers are invited to invent new ways of connecting and interacting with each other during an electronic music festival, both from the performer as well as the audience point of view.

Creators are encouraged to combine artistic and technological resources freely in order to provide innovative ways to push forward the electronic music festival experience.

For more information on the challenge including the types of challenger profiles that will be a best fit for this challenge, go to the dedicated page of the Absolut Labs Challenge.

About Absolut Labs:

Absolut Labs is an innovation incubator and growth engine for the future of the brand experiences, content and technology are the fuel for that growth. So what this research is giving us is an immersive understanding of the landscape, and a roadmap to start looking at all of the areas where Absolut as a brand can invest. Whether they’re small startups, or our Nightlife 100 influencer community, or the general public, it’s an opportunity for us to connect with the maker community; to listen to what’s out there, and for us to ask: How do you think we can make nightlife better?