Context-aware music flow



One of Deezer‘s core values is catalog diversity. In fact today, we have more than 40 million tracks to offer, and even more diversity is coming in the near future…
That’s great, but it also represents a big challenge for us. Curation, personalization and recommendation are key to us, in order to define the best experience possible for the user.
And what is that? Offering the perfect content for the user, in a specific context.  Understanding the usage context is therefore essential. And home context is probably one of the most complex ones, as it is influenced by a lot of different things: Activities (cooking, working out…), moods (active, sleepy, happy…), connected devices (TV, speaker, lights, mobile phones), the time of the day etc.

How can we recognize, analyze and interpret context?

Deezer challenges participants to explore one of the most natural channels of human expressivity: gesture. Leverage on our Deezer Flow AI feature to influence music usages, define recommendations and to get even more intelligent at home!

main aspects to be explored

  • Implicit and explicit gestures, based on movement and/or biosignals – think of those gestures as something that can be expressed actively, passively, intuitively or animally.
  • Interaction that goes beyond simple triggers (volume, play / pause etc.)
  • Apply the above in the context of listening music in a home.

We’ll provide you mentoring and complete access to our catalog, API, SDK and services.


challenger profiles

  • UX and Interaction Designer
  • Backend and Mobile Developers
  • Knowledge of sensors usage and capabilities
  • Interested by Gesture and Context analysis

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