context-aware music flow



Albin Andrew Correya

Researcher, musician and creative coder based in Barcelona. Merging knowledge of music information retrieval, psychoacoustics and audio signal processing to create smart audio production tools.

Alex Milanov

Developer, musician and all round crazy person with over 17 years of experience. Full-Stack JavaScript and Open-Source focus since late 2013. Creative Coding and Music Tech focus since mid 2015. Curates couple of Dev and Music groups at Facebook, organizes local meetups, teaches courses, gives talks and generally tries to do his part in paying it forward.

Fabian Andrade

Chilean and Welsh, graphic designer ARCIS, teacher and creative technologist with 12 years experience from working in several areas of computer graphics such as design, motion & programming on a diverse range of projects.

Juan Felipe Gómez Celis

Frontend developer/creative coder based in Barcelona. Passionate about music, technology and art, and everything that manages to blend them into one. 

Minz Won

Music Information Retrieval researcher in Barcelona. Aims to find more efficient ways to explore and discover music. Currently investigating music semantics with machines.

project information

Our challenge aims to provide an appropriate music playlist for users which can reflect a user’s context, especially at home. To this end, we explore a variety of sensors that can detect a user’s context without any interruption. In addition to this, we also consider methods reflecting tastes of multiple users simultaneously.
Listen, discover, and take your time!