vr experiences for in-flight entertainment



Sergi Grau Carrión

PhD in Software, his research area is the use of technology (virtual reality, augmented reality, videogames…) in the fields of education and health. But always he uses technology to get fun!



Yolanda Vega

Based in cold Sweden. Yolanda has been working in the gaming industry for the last 7 years in different parts of Europe. She has vast experience in consumer markets, brand growth, user insights, product development and project management. 


Nadia Campo Woytuk

Audiovisual engineer involved in interactive installations, games and educational media. She also inspires and teaches young girls to code. Currently VR Unity Developer.


Darío Villanueva

Darío works as a a Developer and Designer for big companies and startups alike, helping bring their data to life through deep and meaningful, yet aesthetically pleasing visualisations. His interests Include Data Art, Music, Games, Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence.


Gerard Serra

Now Interaction Designer at HP Inc. MSc in HCI.
Before Researcher on Internet of Things and Mixed Reality.

Interested on Product design, UX and AI.