VR experiences for in-flight entertainment


Inflighr VR

Inflight VR is a VR solution provider for entertainment systems on the Aviation Industry. In collaboration with Airbus, we are looking for creative VR projects to be part of the first Inflight Entertainment VR Platform of its kind.

Inflight VR and Airbus challenge participants to come up with exciting ideas for passengers who want to spend their in-flight time immersed in virtual worlds.

main aspects to be explored

  • Deal with airplane cabin space and social restrictions through novel UX designs. How would you prevent VR users from disturbing their neighbor passengers or from accidentally bumping into the front seat or side wall?
  • Enhance space perception and comfort levels during flights. Passengers don’t have to feel squeezed into their seats any more.
  • Help passengers relax and forget the stress of the flight. A pleasant VR experience could help them better enjoy the flight.
  • Create context-specific innovative VR experiences, maximizing the interest for the average passenger.
  • Consider safety regulations in an airplane. VR users could get so immersed that they forget about them.
  • Leverage on the Inflight VR Unity SDK to test your prototype within the boundaries of the Inflight VR Platform.


challenger profiles

  • Unity developer
  • UX/UI designer
  • 3D Graphics artists

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