music beyond sound


Red Bull Amaphiko

Lucía Segurajáuregui

Multidisciplinary artist

In the artistic works she explores various subjects in her prints and fanzines, and in the digital arts she creates various interactive and educational game-based projects.

Toni Jaume

Coder && graphic designer

Formerly a graphic designer but fullstack developer, i combine both worlds in order to transform the way we communicate with digital devices and back translating them in a new way of expression. Also, sometimes i make videogames, make maker things and make coffee. To live is to diy.


Beatriz Lorenzo Iñigo

Visual and digital artist.

She has presented digital art installations at several festivals such as Mutek (Bcn), Cau d’Orella (Bcn), Festival Mixtur (Bcn) or Nit Electro Sonora to Castell de Flix,in which she explore the border between digital and human beings emotions.

Marta Verde

Creative coder && Maker

With a background in Fine Arts, and specialized in Digital Arts and Digital Fabrication, she is always looking about new ways to merge creativity and technology. 


Vibhor Bajpai

A software developer with 3 years of experience working at Oracle. Currently doing Masters in Sound and music computing at UPF, Barcelona. A singer and a guitarist by passion.