Affective technologies ♡ shared music experiences



Teosto Futures Lab is Teosto’s innovation platform for research, cross industry cooperation and networking, and developing new businesses. The NEMO Project is a research group and collective aiming to improve the quality of interaction in digital environments. Together we are looking for new ways to increase the sense of togetherness by exploring inter-individual synchronization of biorhythms such as heart rate, breathing or the electrical activity of the brain. The outcome is hoped to be a prototype that can be tested during Sonar Festival. Users of the prototype can be physically present at the festival or not.

Teosto & the NEMO project challenge participants to create a solution that measures and uses emotion-related biosignals to enhance the feeling of togetherness during shared music experiences.

main aspects to be explored

  • Measuring physiological signals
  • Visualizing or in another way making results perceivable (“perceptualizing”)
  • Investigating and strengthening connectivity and synchronization between festival attendees
  • The outcome should be a functioning prototype that can be tested at the festival
  • How might we evaluate the success of enhancing the feeling of togetherness?


challenger profiles

  • Software/hardware hacker
  • UX designer
  • Arts/music making/sound designer
  • Creative coder
  • Physiological Computing expert

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