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Javier Aránega is a Computer Engineer specialized in music technology and Human-Computer interaction now working in the Creative Technology field. He was born in Alicante where he developed his main studies. After some years working in Barcelona and Madrid as a multimedia developer for big brands and clients as RTVE (Spanish Public Television) or SEAT car company he studied a post-graduate degree in Musical Interaction in the Music Technology Group of Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. As a result of this studies he made a project based in Reactable technology called R-Control that was presented during a whole year in Music Festivals and Art Centers as Sonar+D, Arts Santa Mònica or VisualSound Barcelona. This project allowed him to start working with creative technology in the Creative and Advertising world as well to develop some side projects related to music visualization and interaction. Last year he was chosen to do a Creative Residency in Los Angeles 72andSunny advertising agency working in the impact of creativity and technology to society. Now he’s based in Berlin working as Creative Technologist with the international award-winning creative agency B-Reel.

Claudia Daudén is a multimedia engineer with experience in human computer interaction, creative coding, and research. Her goal is to improve the way people interact with technology, to make it more helpful, intuitive and fun. In 2015, she was awarded to be a research assistant in the University of Colorado at Boulder (USA) to investigate new ways of interaction using 3D printers. During that time, she actively participated in the development of a method to create 3D printed interactive objects with paper circuits, which was published in the ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems 2016. Claudia also worked as a creative technologist at Glassworks Barcelona in 2016, developing innovative and interactive applications. With the app Untypic, that aimed to foster travelers and not typical tourists, they won a Cannes Lions of Innovation in the category Creative-Social Data. Now, she is studying a MSc in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Her research there aims to analyze socialization in a full body virtual environment for children with autism using biometrics. She believes that technology has to be used to empower people, and for that reason she wants to continue investigating about affective technology and embodied interaction.

Yves Del Rio is a young artist, composer, mixing engineer, record label owner and sound designer from Mexico City, now based in Barcelona, Spain. Having a musical education since he was a child and starting composing at the age of 16 in G Martell (MX)  is what lead him to study audio engineering in Barcelona. He has produced and mixed some rock and jazz bands, worked as a sound mixer for shorts, conducted researches on surround sound for live performances, but his main interest laid in composition and live performance, therefore he developed his own musical project “NO GRAVITY”. Later on he started to collaborate with “col.lec” studio in Barcelona & Andorra by designing sound for video and interactive installations such as “Here” in La Mercé Festival, “Essencia” (CCCB), “Sinestesia” (BPF) among others. He is now running his own record label “Feinkost Records”, producing for his techno music duo project “NO GRAVITY”, working on a documentary as sound director & composer, and developing more interactive installations for festivals in Catalunya later this year.

Rui Ramos is a creative web developer with a background in Computer Sciences and Human-Computer Interaction who likes to explore new ways of connecting people through technology. Being musically trained, his other hobbies include music production and tinkering with electronics. After studying in Portugal and in Sweden, Rui moved to London where he’s currently working in a tech startup. Some of his recent side-projects include a GIF-based chat room, a collaborative playlist creator that allows users to share a musical experience in sync and a small physical machine that allows for remote lo-fi communication when two users are simultaneously connected, built for a Intel Edison hackathon.

Nela Brown is an award-winning technologist, sonic interaction designer, researcher and educator with a background in classical music, jazz, sonic arts, engineering and human-computer Interaction. She is a founder and creative director of Female Laptop Orchestra, an eclectic group of female musicians, composers and sound artists who use technology as part of their artistic practice and are interested in exploring co-located and distributed collaborative music making within different contexts and across different geographical locations. In the past ten years, she composed music and designed sound & interaction for award-winning mobile applications, contemporary theatre, dance, video, film, documentaries and interactive installations. She is currently teaching Transmedia Storytelling and Creative Coding at the University of Greenwich in London.