2016 Epilogue: challenge completed!

After 45 days of online preparation and 4 days of intense work in Barcelona, the 2016 Sónar Innovation Challenge has drawn to a close. Each team took the challenge head on and produced spectacular results; you can check them out below. On behalf of the SIC organisation team, we only have one thing to say – see you next year!

RAPID-MIX challenge

The challengers created a virtual reality game where the player could interact with both virtual and real objects. The experience was structured as a dream-like journey where the player could explore her own brain and interact with neurons. It then moved into a second space, in the sea, offering a more sensorial experience, where the player could interact with water, and a boat to cross to an island.

COSIMA challenge

The outcome of the challenge has been the mobile application Weather, which supports a performance for a DJ and a public participating through their smartphones. Through this application participants can play with four gestures to switch between different weather states that are associated to different sound textures and visualizations generated on their mobile devices: (1.) Touching the screen generates the bird chirps of a sunny afternoon, (2.) swaying and tilting the device generates wind, (3.) shaking it softly generates a rain sound and rain drops on the screen, and (4.) shaking it harder generates thunder sounds and lightning on screen.

The sound generated by the participants creates a sound textures distributed over the audience. The current weather states of all clients are collected on the server to generate a weather profile that controls visuals on a public display and environmental sounds on the PA. In addition, the weather profile is interpreted by a DJ playing live electronic music in dialog with the audience’s sound textures.

DEEZER challenge

Fight for your track was a dancing game that used accelerometers to monitor the players dance moves. Two players went head to head in a sort of a “dance off” and whoever danced closer to the song’s rhythm would get to pick what’s playing next.

ABSOLUT challenge 1

Rite of Colours was an immersive experience that combined projection mapping, interactive lighting and procedurally generated music to create an interactive “initiation ritual” for an event (such as an electronic music festival). The user initiates the experience by choosing a coloured shot and entering a dark room. They see an everyday object on their body; depending on their movement it bounces inside their silhouette and spreads into particles. During the whole process, coloured light starts illuminating the room. In the end, the whole room shines bright in the chosen colour. The user also gets a individual melody and beat that get louder and louder. At the point of total brightness and loudness, everything stops instantly and they stand in a dark room to find a small glowing bottle of their colour essence that will only show its secret in black light.  And they are ready to start the party.

ABSOLUT challenge 2

Soundscraper  was a space for the attendees to create a collective sound sculpture. The users are able to place different building block pieces, anywhere on an interactive lighting table. The relationship between shapes and their positions generate a unique soundscapeas well as light patterns underneath the pieces.