Kickoff Skype meeting

We finally got started. Despite some technical issues with Skype, mentors Norbert, Benjamin & Xavier (France) met with Matt (US), Chai (BCN), Xavier and JP (Canada) to kickoff the project and clarified some initial questions. The main topics we discussed:

* We introduced to each other, shared locations
* Audio could come from either phone speakers, headphones, or small speakers. It would even be possible to use an on-site sound system
* There is a possibility to use small speakers that Norbert might provide
* Location is important. Can be done via GPS or by advertising the activity in some visual way, like with a poster. eBeacon has been considered too.
* Audio is synthesized on the phone, no audio streaming is necessary
* Norbert concluded that three threads that need to be started ASAP:
  1. Roles: what is every participant willing to take charge of
  2. Ideas: start definining the actual project
  3. Presentation + “production” at Sonar: define how/where the projects are going to be presented at the event
We are all looking forward to start working and to meet in Barcelona. We’ll keep you updated!