These are the 6 teams of SIC 2017

With the call for applicants and challenger selection behind us, the online phase of the Sónar Innovation Challenge 2017 is now underway.

Outcome of the open call

We were thrilled by the quantity and quality of the applications we got, and want to thank all applicants for the effort they put into their applications. We unfortunately can select only 30 of you, and believe us when we say that the competition was fierce!

Online phase kickoff

The online phase officially started on May 2nd and will last until the 12th of June. During this time, each team of challengers will collaborate over the internet together with the mentors of their challenge in order to define their roles in the team, describe the team’s proposed solution, create a first prototype and prepare a work plan for the 4 intensive days of the on-site phase of the SIC that will take place from June 13th to June 16th.

During the online phase, you will be able to follow each team’s progress through their public page that will be published on this website within this week.  In the meantime, here is the list of challengers and mentors for each challenge:


MTG challenge: The enhanced DJ assistant


  • Giuseppe Bandiera
  • Pritish Chandna
  • Paul Brossier
  • Marco Martinez
  • Olivia Andrieux


  • Marius Miron
  • Daniel Gómez
  • Cárthach Ó Nuanáin
  • Georgi Dzhambazov

Deezer challenge: Context-aware music flow


  • Alex Milanov
  • Minz Won
  • Albin Correya
  • Fabian Daniel Andrede-Valencia
  • Juan Felipe Gómez Celis


  • Romain Lods
  • Mickaël Arcos
  • Carlotta Riesser
  • Thomas Guerin

Audio Commons challenge: Instruments for interacting with Creative Commons audio


  • Monika Rikic
  • CJ Carr
  • Emilio Molina
  • Lefteris Stamellos
  • Daniel López Andrieux


  • Dmitry Bogdanov
  • Eduardo Fonseca
  • Xavier Favory

Inflight VR challenge: VR experiences for in-flight entertainment


  • Dario Villanueva Ablanedo
  • Sergi Grau
  • Nadia Campo Woytuk
  • Yolanda Nascimiento Vega
  • Gerard Serra


  • Joan Mora Guiard
  • Elena Kokkinara
  • Nadine Laage

Red Bull Amaphiko challenge: Music beyond sound


  • Marta Verde
  • Vibhor Bajpai
  • Antonio Jaime Sánchez
  • Lucia Segurajauregui
  • Beatriz Lorenzo Iñigo


  • Michael Kronenberg
  • Raluca Simiuc
  • Raphael Silva

Teosto Futures Lab & the NEMO project challenge: Affective tech <3 shared music experiences


  • Claudia Dauden Roquet
  • Rui Ramos
  • Javier Aranega
  • Nela Brown
  • Yves Del Rio


  • Turo Pekari
  • Katri Saarikivi
  • Valtteri Wikström
  • Ano Sirppiniemi
  • Hugo Plácido da Silva

That’s all for now…We wish our challengers luck, and let the Sónar Innovation Challenge begin!